Desktop Organizer & Arranger

Desktop Organizer & Arranger

Version 1.1.8 Now updated for 64 bit! If you find yourself sifting through a screen full of desktop icons with links to folders, files, or programs, consider Desktop Organizer & Arranger. D.O.A. is a unique desktop manager that allows you to split your desktop area into 4, 6 or 9 sections, which can be individually labeled . You can then arrange your icons in a way that you can easily find them. The program can also save and restore your icon layout. D.O.A. basically acts as an overlay, that helps you organize, it does not change your wallpaper, nor does it interact with the desktop in any way. Simple, but effective for those that need to organize their desktop.


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Version History -
--1.1.8 Updated for 64-bit Operating Systems.
v.1.1.8 - Added support for multiple monitors, 'align icons' menu item, dynamically hide desktop icons when mouse is not over desktop area, context help buttons, minor fixes(hopefully the new forums will help find anything else that needs fixing).
v.1.1.7 - Minor fixes, blank names now accepted for section titles, line positions should now save correctly.
v.1.1.6 - Added preliminary Active Desktop© support, up to nine sections, minor fixes.
v.1.1.5 - Added XP/NT support, highlights to the lines, minor fixes.
v.1.1.4 - Minor Fixes.
v.1.1.3 - Optimized the restore function so it doesn't take as long to restore the icons.
v.1.1.2 - Added transparent desktop icon function, font selection for the labels, option to remove the background color from the labels, desktop icon text color selection.
v.1.0.2 - Added user-selectable line width
v.1.0.1 - Fixed some minor bugs.

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