KeyStroker is a small and basic keystroke automater. It simply repeats a user defined set of keystrokes or mouse clicks at the designated intervals. Great for games such as Everquest™ or Morrowind™, where you have to repeatedly press keys in order to level up in a certain skill. Or use it to automatically log back into aim if you are disconnected, just set it to send the Enter key to the 'sign on' window every 15 seconds. Or use it like a simple macro program, just check the macro box (macro mode), and it will send the keystrokes you define everytime you hit the hotkey that you have assigned. Anything that requires repeated keystrokes can be automated with KeyStroker. Run multiple instances with different hotkeys. KeyStroker only sends keys to the selected window, so you don't have to worry about it hitting a bunch of keys while you're trying to type up your email or other documents, etc. Free for 30 days, or if you don't need to save key sequences, or use more than 5 keys, and don't need to set a hotkey to start and stop it, try KeyStroker Lite, it's free! Available here .


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