MinWin is a small utility that hides your windows in the system tray (by the clock). Use any hotkey you setup to hide or display a single window, or a group of windows, or simply click it's icon in the system tray. Run as many instances as you need, setup as many groups as you want. Unclutter your taskbar. Playing windowed games at work? Looking at porn when you shouldn't be? Great for quickly hiding those windows you don't want your boss to see. Or use it to get windows out of your way when you need to get to your desktop icons and don't feel like clicking all those minimize buttons, only to have to click them all again when you want to restore them. Or play 'windows peekaboo' with your 2 year old... fun for the whole family!!! And it's cheap! Try it now! Free for 30 days, or, if you can live without hotkeys, and just need to hide one window at a time, try MinWin Lite, it's free! Available here .


$9.95 USD


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